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MunrOverground MapMunrOverground

The brand new map from the creator of the best-selling
Tubular Fells and Snowmotion, Peter Burgess.

MunrOverground Map


Peter BurgessPeter Burgess says:

“In the Lake District I know where particular mountains are located and it’s easy to create a mental image in your mind as to the relationships between each top. In Scotland it felt nigh on impossible. I had heard of the great mountains and even read and seen photographs of them. Am Bodach, The Devil’s Point, Am Basteir and Ben Wyvis – all sounded brilliant but where were they and how did they relate to each other on the ground?

In creating this map, I’ve not only learnt a lot about Scotland and its fantastic mountains, listed by Hugh Munro, but - like the tube map itself - it began to make sense. Looking at a large OS map wall map of Scotland can be quite overwhelming but, with all the details stripped away and with the basic information revealed, I hope you agree “MunrOverground” helps to show the Munros and their relationship with one another a little more clearly. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed mapping Scotland and I hope my latest creation helps you to explore and realise the potential of this fantastic place”.


MunrOverground Map - £11.99

The second map from the creator of the best-selling Tubular Fells, Peter Burgess. The A1 size (594 x 841 mm) wall map features all 283 of Hugh Munro’s Scottish mountains and includes a tick list to record your progress.


MunrOverground map featuresJohn Muir Trust and Scottish Mountain Rescue

MunrOverground railway carriage  MunrOverground detail


Tubular FellsTubular Fells

214 Wainwrights get the tube map treatment. Wainwright Society member Peter Burgess from London has created Tubular Fells having noticed that the colour coding of the London Underground lines matches the colour coding of the Pictorial Guides. [more]

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